Rhonda Broyles Early Years

I began painting my own furniture when I was 16 as a way to transform my room. In the early 80’s, bright colors were all the rage so there were a ton of colors for me to choose from. I purchased some latex paint and set out to make a statement. Upon completing my bedroom, I realized the pure enjoyment I experienced while painting. That is when I realized the spark had been lit! I would spend the next few years finding small pieces of furniture to transform and increase my artistic creativity.

Stay at Home Mom

By the early 90’s, I married. My husband and I were looking into starting a family and decided I should be the one to stay home with the kids. This gave me an opportunity to continue working on my art. I was able to locate different antique pieces from around town to inspire me. In order to save money, I continued using latex paint. Although I could never quite perfect that, “fresh from the factory” look, I got close enough to do the job. Over the years, my friends and family members became interested in providing a little color to their own homes and would bring me pieces to paint. I began to enjoy myself more and more over the years until I realized that painting furniture was extremely therapeutic.

Chalk Furniture Paint

In the early 2000’s, I discovered the glory of chalk paint for furniture. The ease of use was amazing to me. No primer, no sanding, dries quickly, blends easier, and it is easier to get many different textures. My husband saw how much I enjoyed painting furniture and together we thought it would be a great way to make money doing what I love. In 2016, we opened the doors to my first shop. I was painting furniture, selling on the store floor, and getting multiple requests for custom paintings and classes. This made me decide to incorporate my business. My custom works of art became such a hit I had to stray away from classes, due to lack of time. I spent so much time painting I began having an allergic reaction to the brand of paint I was using. I was forced to look for a paint that safe for me and my clients. I am now a private label owner for the safest chalk furniture paint on the market, The Lost Crate. Recently, I was informed by the manufacturer that our paint is the top seller in their company for chalk furniture paint. The Lost Crate provides a furniture paint that is amazing and easy to use. Once you use it, you’ll never go back to another brand. The final finish on each of your pieces will look as though they came straight from the factory.